[ History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅲ. Ivan ]



It is an event where artists make video calls and sign the winners' albums through mobile messenger channels.

November 6th, 2021 (Sat) PM 6:00 (KST) 

Winner Video call (30 People) + signed album + signed Polaroid

Music&Drama exclusive for each contestant. Unreleased photo card (1 out of 7 types) Present.

📢 You can apply when you buy it

📢 Special gifts for applicants will be delivered along with the album purchased upon application. 

VIDEO CALL EVENT Information on the application

October 28th, 2021 (THU) 10AM  ~ October 30th, 2021 (SAT) 23:59 (KST)

📢 The application deadline will be processed based on the payment completion time.

Automatically participate in the purchase of an album within the event period

In the Music&Drama Online mall during the event application period

Who have purchased anf paid for KINGDOM(킹덤) [ History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅲ. Ivan ]

will be given a video call opportunity through a lottery (A total of 30 customer)

📢 If you order several cases under the same applicant's name, you will automatically apply for the same number of times as the total number of purchases. This event is counted based on applicants.

EX) if ID "A" orders two albums for the first time.and three albums for the second time during the application period,A total of five copies will be purchased during the application period,and ID 'A' will be automatically applied five times.


Notice on MUSIC&DRAMA On line mall (kr) > WINNER NOTICE (OR Send an email)

October 31th , 2021. (SUN) PM 2 (KST)

📢 The albums you ordered within the event period will be sent sequentially after the event is over.

📢 The signed album that will be given to the winners of the event will be sent out as one of the albums you bought.

📢 Precautions

Music&Dramas are not responsible for problems caused by not checking precautions.

1)This event is a video call that only takes place using the face talk function of the Kakao Talk application. The winner must prepare a mobile phone that can use Kakao Talk. Please understand that VIDEO CALL EVENT is only conducted through Kakao Talk Video Call (Face Talk).

2)When you order, you need to enter the information of the applicant who will participate in the event to complete the application.

- Overseas winners : Make sure to enter your Kakao Talk ID

3)VIDEO CALL EVENT can only be participated by the winner and contact information cannot be changed after application. Please make sure to apply with the correct information of the participant. 

4)Only receive the winner's name on the KINGDOM(킹덤) - History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅲ. Ivan  album, and not sign the album or other composition (photocard, etc.)

5)It is impossible to make excessive requests (ex. Please draw a picture when signing it.)

6) All winners will be held at the same time . Please note that if the set time is exceeded, it may be terminated arbitrarily.

This video call is not conducted sequentially by individual crew members, but as a video call with all crew members (group).

. Please note that if you are not a winner or if you participate more than two people, you cannot proceed.

7)The progress order of the event is based on the order of numbers that are guided when the winner is presented. 

8)Voice/Video recording, and live broadcasting on Social Media are not allowed during a call. 

9)During the event time, please refrain from sending messages and calls to the event account.

10)Albums purchased by applicants, including winners, will be shipped sequentially after the VIDEO CALL EVENT.

1)Products purchased within the event period are automatically applied for purchase,so cancellation or refund is impossibie

2)Only the person who wins this event can make a call.and the contact cannot be modified or transferred.Duplicate purchases are available fir each member to apply.The party is solely responsible for the damage caused by the transfer,and if the winner is not himself,video calls and events cannot be held,so please be aware of the application.

3)If the applicant and the orderer are different, please register the applicant's name with the information of the participant.

 -Please apply in English nameffor foreigner) on your ID card and passport. (For-eign participants can only enter if their name and passport's English name are the same.)

- Identification card for the winner:> Foreigners (Only Passport and alien registration card / Other identification cards (such as student ID cards) are not recognized)

- If the winner's information is different from your passport information (foreigner),you will be excluded from the win.

4)If you do not answer more than two calls during the event, the winner cannot proceed with the event, so please refer to the start time of the event and only those who can make a call apply.

5)Participation may be restricted if the call is deemed inappropriate during the event.

6)The event starts at the guided event time and proceeds sequentially, so we can't help you if we don't have a good contact with the winner or if it's difficult to proceed through Kakao Talk during the event. Please check the contents of the event and apply only for those who have no difficulty in proceeding with Kakao Talk within the time.

7)This product is a product that includes a video call application ticket, and applications are made at the same time as the purchase is made. Please make a careful purchase since it is impossible to exchange or refund.

8)When selecting a virtual account deposit as a payment method, the deposit confirmation must be completed before the deadline for the application.

9)If there is a problem with the winner's network connection or mobile phone settings, it may be difficult to proceed with the event. If a connection fails or gets interrupted due to network problems, it may be difficult to proceed again. Please check your network environment, screen, and audio setting in advance.

10)Details of how to proceed with the event will be announced with the winner's announcement.

11)Personal information is collected and provided below for the shipment of goods and the selection of duplicate winners in relation to the Personal Information Protection Act.

- Where personal information is provided : MUSIC&DRAMA/ GF엔터테인먼트 

- Collection item : name, date of birth, contact number, email, Kakao Talk ID

- Purpose of collection: VIDEO CALL EVENT

- Utilization period : Disposal after achieving the purpose of us (7 days after the end of the event)

12)This event may be subject to some changes and cancellations without prior notice,according to the circumstances.

13)If the winner does not end the call himself, the connection may be terminated by force, so please understand this.

14)Contact: MUSIC&DRAMA online mall > MYPAGE > 1:1 /

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